I'm not a musicologist, but I do write about music sometimes, both my own and other people's. I'm especially interested in how ideas from 'outside' music might be translated into music, and conversely in how music might help us understand things that are normally considered the territory of philosophy and literary theory. A few things that explore this are available below.



OutsideIn - CD booklet. Graphic design and artwork (amazing!) by Albert Selezynov. 

The Music of Making Strange - liner notes again, but text only. You can see Pascal Hervey's fantastic artwork on the cover pics, though, or via his website (or even by buying the CD)!

Enstrangement and Narrative - a musicological paper from 2011 on the nature of digression, dealing with the theories of Viktor Shklovsky, a Russian literary theorist whose work has been very important to me (and where the idea of 'making strange' comes from. Includes much discussion of Schumann, as well as a digression of its own into pop music.

Shklovsky and Creativity - a rather more speculative paper, discussing how Shklovsky's strangeness provides a model for turning the experienced world into art, with analysis of Shklovsky's own creative writing, poetry by Mayakovsky and O'Hara, and my own music.

Royal Academy Reviews - this is the very first of the 50 or so columns I wrote for Clash Magazine over a 6 year period. Each month I was sent 5 songs to review blind, and met much music I wouldn't have otherwise, good and bad. Here, I discover Bjork for the first time (I was a late starter, what can I say). The rest of the columns seem to be there if you search for them. I enjoyed doing this, and hope I sometimes had interesting things to say...